Deer Poop In Yard? What To Do With It!

Got deer poop in your yard? What a sight for sore eyes! It’s deer season and deer are everywhere, but their poop doesn’t have to be. In this article we’re sharing ways you can get rid of deer droppings in your lawn.

Deer droppings in a lawn | What to do with deer poop in your yard

If you have deer in your yard, then there is a good chance that they are pooping on it. This can cause some damage and discoloration if not cleaned up quickly.

Deer poop can cause numerous problems for your yard, including turning grass yellow, staining concrete surfaces, and killing off plants.

If you’re dealing with a deer poop problem on your property below you’ll find some solutions to help you get rid of it (and prevent it from happening again).

Why Is There Deer Poop in My Yard?

Deer are herbivores, meaning they only eat plants. This means deer will be munching on your grass in order to get the nutrients that it needs.

Deer will also come around because:

  • They are attracted to your landscaped yard or garden.
  • Your yard provides them with a source of food or safe place to sleep.
  • Drought or cold weather drive deer into suburban areas for food.
  • Neighbors may be repelling deer, causing them to migrate to your yard.

But deer aren’t just enjoying the great outdoors and finding food without a care in their world – deer know that homeowners have invested time and money into maintaining healthy lawns so deer are drawn to them. Your gorgeous grass tastes great!

Deer Poop Causes Damage To Your Yard

If deer poop is left in your yard, it could cause damage that you’ll need to repair or replace when deer season is over (or the deer move on). Some of this damage includes:

– Turning grass yellow and brown from all the droppings.

– Damaging flowerbeds and other plants.

– Eating your grass which can result in areas appearing bare until it grows back.

In addition to the damage deer cause, deer droppings also smell pretty bad (for humans). Many deer hunters know that deer scat is a great deer attractant, which means deer poop can actually draw more deer to your yard.

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What Can I Do About Deer Poop in My Yard?

If deer are doing their business in your yard, you’re going to need to find a solution to get rid of it.

Their waste is high in nitrogen, which will burn lawns if left for too long before rains come to flush it away.

Also, their droppings are known to spread invasive plant species by leaving behind these seed-covered pellets on your yard’s vegetation.

If your seeing deer poop you’re going to want to get rid of it as soon as possible before the deer waste can cause any more damage to your yard.

In the end, deer scat in the yard is a problem that homeowners have been dealing with for decades, and there are plenty of solutions available to help you remove it from your lawn.

What to do With the Deer Poop in Your Yard

Ok, so now you know that the deer droppings have got to go, but what do you do with it?

There are a number of options depending on what works best for you. Take a look!

1) Make Deer Poop Fertilizer

You’ll need: -A bucket that is easy to transport and a shovel.

To make the fertilizer simply scoop the deer poop into the bucket and mix in a scoop of alfalfa pellets. Shake the bucket to mix everything together well and apply it around your yard or garden!

The deer droppings will add essential nutrients for your lawn while the alfalfa pellet adds nitrogen which helps fertilize plants during their growth process.

You can use this fertilizer in flowerbeds or around trees to help them grow and stay healthy during deer season – just don’t use it in your garden.

2) Put Deer Poop in Your Compost Pile

You can also put deer poop in your compost pile!

This will likely take a long time to break down, but it is an easy way to get rid of deer droppings. It should be noted that deer poop does not have the same makeup as cow or horse manure and therefore may not breakdown as nicely.

If you plan to put the deer poop in your compost be sure to let it break down for about a year before using the compost to fertilize your plants. This will ensure that any deer parasites are killed off by the heat of the compost pile.

Also, if you compost deer feces (using an enclosed composter), make sure it is well mixed with yard waste and not just deer poop. This will help keep the deer scat from attracting more deer and it’ll break down faster in a compost pile with other items mixed in as well

It is important to know that you should not use deer poop compost in your vegetable garden. Deer feces can contain harmful parasites and bacteria like E.coli which can make anyone sick who eats vegetables fertilized with deer poop compost.

3) Throw It Away

You can also throw deer poop away in the garbage. This is a good solution for most people as it is convenient and doesn’t require much effort on your part.

Just be sure to wrap it in a biodegradable bag before placing it in your bin. This will prevent it from stinking up your neighborhood and from drawing other deer to your lawn.

4) Flush It

You can flush deer scat down the toilet if removing it from your property isn’t an option for some reason (such as not wanting deer over on another neighbor’s yard).

However, this should be done sparingly and it can take several flushes to get rid of deer waste so use caution.

5) Sprayers and Soap Solutions

You can also spray deer droppings with soap solutions to quickly remove them from your yard.

A soap solution will break down deer droppings so that they can be rinsed away with water.

This is a very easy way to remove deer droppings from walkways and patios, but it only works if the deer have just pooped or you are able to spray the deer feces before rain washes them into your soil!   

How To Keep Deer From Pooping In Your Yard

Deer pooping on a lawn

The best way to successfully get deer away from your yard is by making it less attractive for them!

Their sense of smell is strong and since they are attracted to their own droppings, you’ll want to prevent them from pooing on your property.

Here are some tips for keeping deer out of areas where it’s a problem:


Use deer fencing to keep deer out of flowerbeds and other landscaped areas.

The fence should be about six feet tall, as anything less won’t deter deer from jumping over it or crawling underneath it. The mesh size for this type of fence should be no more than two inches square (about the size of deer hooves) and it should be buried in the ground at least one foot deep to keep deer from digging underneath.

If deer are hopping your chain link or wooden fence, add an electrified wire above the top rail (about 12 inches long). This will deter deer when they land on this higher barrier, but it won’t hurt them.

Plant Deer Repellent Plants

Placed near common entrances plants can be used to deter deer from coming onto your property in the first place. Some of these plant options include: Rosemary, lavender, rue, garlic and chives.

You can also plant deer-resistant flowers like lavender and lilies which will help keep deer away from your property while adding beauty to your landscape.

Chemical Deer Repellants

If deer are pooping all over your yard and you want to get rid of it, there is a deer repellant called Deer Out that works well. You can spray this around your plants or perimeter of your yard and they will not come back! It also works on other animals like rabbits, deer, mice, and groundhogs!

Scare Tactics

Another way you can get rid of deer droppings is by using scare tactics that deer don’t like: motion-activated sprinklers, air horns or deer sounds. Deer are skittish animals and they don’t like new things in their territory, so these scary items will send them running away!

If deer are able to get into your yard you may need to consider more creative deer deterrents like fake alligator or coyote decoys that give the deer something else to be scared of and keep them away from your property!

Is Deer Poop Harmful to Humans?

Yes, poop (from almost any animal) is dangerous for humans and can make us sick!

Deer pellets can be harmful to humans if it comes into contact with water or is consumed by humans.

Diseases carried in deer scat include E. coli and tularemia.

Deer droppings can also carry parasites like lung worm that can infect humans.

Chronic Wasting Disease is also carried in deer droppings and can infect deer, elk or moose. This is a concern to fish and game experts because it is similar to mad cow disease and causes deer to act erratically and leads to death. 

To avoid these risks it’s best not to touch deer scat under any circumstances

People should avoid coming in contact with deer feces when working outside and they should always wash their hands after handling deer droppings.

It is also important to keep children away from deer waste because children are known for putting their hands in their mouths.

If you do come in contact with deer feces wash your hands and clothes immediately!

Pregnant women should avoid deer poop because of the heightened risk to a developing baby due to illness from contamination or infection if accidentally ingested.

Deep poop can also be dangerous for your pets.

For example: lung worm is a parasite carried by deer that lives in deer droppings and when dogs ingest it (for example from licking their paws or eating grass),

If you are removing deer poop from your own yard, make sure to wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles when disposing of the feces.

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Final Thoughts

Deer are beautiful animals that many people enjoy seeing while walking or having their morning coffee on their back porch.

Unfortunately, deer can also cause issues when they decide to use someone’s lawn as a bathroom and leave behind piles of pellets everywhere.

If deer poop is a problem in your yard, there are plenty of simple solutions for getting rid of it quickly!

You can use deer droppings to create fertilizer or put them into the compost pile where they will break down over time.

There’s no need to be alarmed by deer poop; just look for a deer deterrent that works for your property and you will prevent deer from getting into your yard in the first place!