How to Keep Frogs Away From Your Yard, Pool and House

Keeping frogs away from your house and and out of your lawn can seem like a pesky business. But with a few simple steps, you will be able to keep the frogs away safely and humanely.

how to keep frogs away

Prevention is, of course, essential to preventing frogs from becoming a problem. There are some easy things you can do, including taking away any natural habitats or food that frogs might find. In extreme cases, you might need to resort to chemicals to keep frogs away. 

The Backyard Master

Sure, we all know and love Kermit but things are different when it comes to the little green and brown backyard invaders.

Though many people see frogs as beneficial, once you’ve had to deal with them invading your space on a daily basis you know they can definitely be a nuisance.

The most common complaints we see about frogs include:

  • Finding them floating in the pool
  • The loud and constant noise from their nighttime croaking
  • Phobias that prevent people from enjoying their outdoor space when frogs are present

If you are fed up with frogs then you are in the right place.

Read on to determine how to best safeguard your house against frogs without having to spend money on an exterminator.

Find Out What Frogs are Native to Your Area

The first and most crucial step in keeping your property and house safeguarded against frogs is to do your research.

By determining the types of frogs native to your area, you can select the best way to solve the problem. With over 6,000 different species of frogs, you need to make sure you are researching the right one.

Some frogs are invasive species and can harm the environment and other frog species around them.

Whereas other frog species can actually be helpful by eating the bugs and insects around your home. In that case getting rid of the frogs may leave you to facing another problem.

It’s important to know that each type of frog has its own unique characteristics and it will be essential to know what you are dealing with before you begin safeguarding procedures.

When doing your research, it is also essential to determine if the type of frog you have in your yard is on the endangered list.

In some areas, the species have been declining, and killing them is not an option.

It is important to note that if you have an endangered frog in your yard, you will need to check your state and local offices to re-home them appropriately. 

Another essential part of your research is determining what it is on your property that is attracting the frogs.

The following indicators can give you insight into how to keep the frogs away.

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If your yard seems to be infested with insects, that may be what is attracting the frogs to your yard. Frogs like mosquitoes and flies the most, so it may help to try to get rid of the bugs to keep your yard free of frogs!


Frogs like to dwell in shaded areas. If your yard has lots of trees or weeds that create shade, it may be attractive to the frogs.

Dog Food

Frogs love dog food due to its taste and scent. Do not leave food lying around outside, or it may increase your frog population.


The most significant and most crucial factor when attracting frogs to your yard is water.

Frogs like to live around water habitats. If you have puddles, a pond, stagnant water, pools, hot tubs, or another source of water in your yard, more than likely, that has led to your influx of frogs.

Frog on a backyard deck
Keeping pet food, water bowls and other frog treats off your deck will help to keep them from hanging out there.


After doing your research and determining the type of frog and environmental factors you are dealing with, it is now time to do an inspection.

Check around your yard for frogs, particularly in places that have moisture.

Check in the filters of pools and hot tubs for live species and their eggs.

Their croaking can be a clue to where they are and help you pinpoint where they are congregating in your yard and what you need to do. 

Eliminate Any Possible Food Source

After inspecting your yard, you need to get rid of a frog’s food source to keep them away.

This can be a more time-consuming process because you may need to do this multiple times.

First of all, keep your yard lights off at night.

Light can be an attractor for bugs such as mosquitoes and flies. By eliminating light, it makes them less likely to be found in your yard.

You can also spray insecticides around the outside of your house.

The insecticides will get rid of any pests and larva the frogs may be coming to eat.

This may have to be done multiple times a year to keep the insects and frogs at bay.

And as mentioned above, don’t leave out any pet food.

Get Rid of Any Frog Eggs

frog in backyard swimming pool

If your backyard has a water source, you can pretty much guarantee frogs have laid their eggs in it.

By scooping out their eggs and leaving them to dry, you will eliminate frogs originating in your yard.

This may not feel very humane, but it will keep your infestation numbers down and help you keep frogs out of your home.

Employ a Natural Repellent

There are many natural ways you can try to get rid of frogs from your yard and increase your odds of preventing an infestation.

There’s a good chance these cheap and easy solutions will help keep frogs out of your yard and make sure it’s not a place they want to come back to.

Use Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds may seem to be an unusual remedy against frogs. But spreading coffee grounds over your property may help to deter frogs.

The coffee grounds’ acidity and smell are horrible to frogs and help drive them away from your property.

Be Unattractive… to Frogs

One of the more time-consuming remedies you can employ is getting rid of the thing that attracts the frogs. This could mean reducing moisture, turning off lights at night, or using insecticides.

This option can help if the attraction is small, like lights or insects, but may not be as simple if water is the what is attracting the frogs.

Many people will tell you that to keep frogs out of your yard you need to “eliminate the water source.”

Unfortunately if the water source is a pool, hot tub, creek or pond you’re probably not going to get rid of it.

Create a Barrier

If you have a water source in your backyard that you cannot get rid of, it may help use a barrier to keep the out.

Frogs can jump, but they are not able to climb mesh fences.

You can erect a fence using mesh wire, plastic, or gardening cloth to keep them out of your water source, which is also probably where they are laying their eggs and where you will find tadpoles.

How To Keep Frogs Away: A Frog Fence

Spray Saltwater

Frogs do not like saltwater. They are typically found in freshwater areas, which makes saltwater horrible to them.

Create a saltwater spray and spray it on sidewalks and barriers. It will help create a film that sticks to the frogs and forces them to migrate away from your home.

Use Vinegar

A vinegar spray operates much as saltwater does. Create a spray with equal parts vinegar and water. The acidity of the spray will keep the frogs away from your home.

It is important to note that saltwater and vinegar can be harmful to plants, so employ cautiously. 

If You Need Extreme Measures Use a Chemical Defense

If you have tried everything to get frogs out of your backyard naturally and they are still coming around, the next step is to try to use a chemical application.

Chemicals can be harmful to plants, pets, and humans, so make sure you are using the correct techniques to keep everyone in your family safe.

Homeowners can use herbicides and pesticides to kill the frogs’ food source and keep them from being interested in your property.

However, if you cannot get the frogs out of your yard, call an exterminator. They will be able to employ traps and chemicals that can solve your problem and keep your property frog free!

Prevent Frogs from Returning

After you get rid of frogs in your yard, it is essential to employ the same strategies you often used to ensure they do not come back.

Using some of the natural remedies and getting rid of frog attractors regularly will help you do not have a full infestation on your hands.

Even putting up barriers during wet seasons can help your property remain frog free and it only affects your landscaping for a short while.

Final Thoughts

After following these steps, you should be able to have a frog free home! Just make sure you are repeating the steps every year or every couple of weeks to ensure frogs remain off your property.

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