What To Feed Deer In Your Backyard: Safe & Healthy Options

Wondering what to feed deer in your backyard? Learn the top safe and healthy options that will keep deer around and well fed in your backyard.

Deer can eat a variety of plants, including: – Acorn – Soybean – Oat

There are plenty of formulated deer food mixes to save you the time of growing fresh plants, as well as space.

For people with smaller backyards or planting areas, using deer feeders can be a great way to start supplemental feeding for your local herd.

The best food for deer feeders is called pellets, made with a deer’s entire body’s nutrition in mind.

Depending on the size and fencing involved in your backyard, there is no reason why you cannot feed deer in your backyard.

Remember, feeding deer in your backyard is not the same as going to a petting zoo. 

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