How to Keep Frogs Away From Your Yard, Pool and House

Sure, we all know and love Kermit but things are different when it comes to the little green and brown backyard invaders.   

The most common complaints we see about frogs include: 

– Finding them floating in the pool – The loud and constant noise from their nighttime croaking – Phobias that prevent people from enjoying their outdoor space 

Find Out What Frogs are Native to Your Area  

Some frogs are invasive species and can harm the environment. While some other frog species can actually be helpful by eating the bugs and insects around your home.   


Frogs like to dwell in shaded areas. If your yard has lots of trees or weeds that create shade, it may be attractive to the frogs. 

Luckily there are several safe and effective methods you can use to keep the frogs off.

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