The 4 Best Poison Ivy Killers – Reviews and Recommendations

In search of the best poison ivy killers to keep your lawn, garden or property free of this nasty plant? Well, you’re in the right place! Keep reading to see our top recommendations.

The best poison ivy killers for your yard

Poison Ivy Killers That Work

Poison ivy can quickly turn your gardening experience into a nightmare. This pesky plant is not only hard to get rid of but can also cause serious allergic reactions when it comes into contact with the skin. 

You can use manual or chemical means to get rid of poison ivy plants.

The former involves using a lot of elbow grease to pull out the entire plant including roots hidden underground. Given the difficult nature of the manual approach, most people prefer the chemical approach when it comes to killing this weed as the method not only gets the job done, but also reduces your risk of getting into contact with the leaves of the plant. 

To find the best poison ivy killer available today, read on below. 

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1. BioAdvanced Brush Killer 

BioAdvanced Brush Killer is expertly formulated to effectively get rid of tough to kill weeds and unwanted plants in a short period (1 to 6 weeks). This product kills more than 70 types of woody plants, vines, brush and brambles, including poison ivy. 

To get the best results when using this product, it is recommended that you apply it on the leaves of plants that are in the active growth stage. 


  • Highly effective and multipurpose use: BioAdvanced Brush Killer (formerly Bayer) comes in a highly effective formulation engineered to kill a wide selection of weeds and woody plants. 
  • Rain proof: This product develops rainproof protection in just four hours. Since the chemicals are unlikely to be washed off the leaves of the plant by rainfall, they are more likely to seep into the plant and get the job done. 
  • Convenient: BioAdvanced Brush Killer now comes in a no-mix formula that is highly convenient for use. 
  • Ready to use: With the One Touch Sprayer feature, you only need to connect your garden hose to the BioAdvanced Brush Killer and with a simple push you can start killing poison ivy.  


  • BioAdvanced Bush Killer also kills any plants that you might also be interested in keeping, so be sure to avoid them when spraying. 

2. Ortho GroundClear Poison Ivy and Tough Brush Killer 

If you are looking for a fast acting poison ivy killer, Orth GroundClear Poison Ivy and Tough Brush Killer is exactly what you need. This product produces positive results in as little as 24 hours after spraying. In addition to killing poison ivy, Ortho GroundClear also kills more than 60 other types of unwanted plants, brush and weed. 


  • Rain proof: After spraying, Ortho GroundClear develops rainproof protection in just two hours. 
  • Fast acting: Users can expect to see results in just a few hours. After 24 hours, poison ivy plants should start dying. 
  • Spot treatment: The battery powered Comfort Wand makes spraying inaccessible areas much easier. 
  • Safe for humans and pets: As soon as the sprayed area is dry, pets and human beings can get back in there safely. 


  • Any issue that renders the sprayer useless also renders the entire product useless as without the sprayer, it is difficult to get the contents out of the bottle. 

3. Roundup 5002710 Poison Ivy Plus Tough Brush Killer 

Designed for use around gardens, fields, trails and even campsites, this Roundup poison ivy and brush killer is effective in killing different types of weeds and tree stumps. To generate positive results in the shortest amount of time, this product uses a formulation of 2 ingredients that are known to kill brush. 

After applying this brush killing product, you can start planting in the area in question anywhere between one and thirty days. 


  • Powerful formulation: This product is made using two strong ingredients known to penetrate waxy surfaces and kill brush. 
  • Rainproof: Within just half an hour of application, this product develops rainproof protection.  
  • Ready to use: This Roundup poison ivy killer comes with a built in trigger that makes for easy and convenient use right out of the box. 


  • This product is also capable of killing other plants in your garden; so pay attention where you spray it. 
  • Takes longer and repeated application to completely kill older poison ivy plants. 

4. Ortho MAX Poison Ivy & Tough Brush Killer

Perfectly formulated to kill a wide selection of weeds and brush, including poison ivy, the Ortho MAX Poison Ivy and Tough Brush Killer is designed for use around buildings, gardens, fences and cabins. 

As one of the best poison ivy killer out there, this product promises to help users achieve positive results in just a matter of hours according to the manufacturer. 


  • Multi-purpose: As stated above, this product features a powerful formulation that is capable of killing a long list of hard to kill weeds and brush. 
  • Rainproof: It only takes about 2 hours for this product to develop rainproof protection, after application.  
  • Ready to use: Created for convenient and effortless use, this product comes ready to use right out of the box. Users do not need to spend time on preparing the right mix to kill poison ivy plants.  


  • To completely kill poison ivy plants, this product requires several applications. 
The top poison ivy killers

Poison Ivy Frequently Asked Questions 

Does White Vinegar Kill Ivy? 

Yes. Spraying a generous amount of white vinegar on and around ivy plants can kill them off. In general, it takes about a week to see any visible results, after application. 

Since white vinegar will also kill any other plant it comes in contact with, it is recommended that you avoid spraying too close to plants you want to keep. 

Does Bleach Kill Ivy?

Yes. Applying bleach at the base of ivy plants and spraying it on the leaves will lead to withering and, with time, death.

However, since bleach is not the best poison ivy killer, you might need to reapply it over and over again. Unfortunately, the plants are bound to grow back with time as the bleach does not kill their roots. 

Poison ivy plants can make any outdoor space quite dangerous for human beings and pets alike. Fortunately, with the best poison ivy killer in hand, getting rid of this hard to kill plant will take less effort and time.

There you have it folks! The best poison ivy killers to keep the nasty stuff out of your lawn and off your property.

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