The Best Time to Overseed Your Bermuda Grass Lawn

Are you wondering when to overseed your bermuda grass lawn? This is a question that many homeowners ask. The answer depends on where you live. 

However, overseeding may not be the correct thing to do.

You see, bermuda is a self-spreading grass. It grows by sending out stolons that extend along the surface of  the grass.

When to Overseed Bermuda Grass

The best time to overseed bermuda grass is late spring to early summer when the soil temperatures are between 68 to 75 degrees.

The reason that’s the best time for overseeding is because Bermuda grass thrives in warm soils and high temperatures. 

Overseeding your Bermuda grass lawn isn’t something that you will do every year. The benefits of overseedng may only be seen when done properly, which is why we’re cautious to recommend that strategy.

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