How to Kill Weeds in Winter | Tips to Control Winter Weed

Many of us neglect lawn care during these months since we think it’s pointless to take care of dormant grass. However, the winter months provide an excellent opportunity to get rid of weeds. 

Using the winter weed and feed products also helps to kill the weed and strengthen the soil content. For an eco-friendly approach, try spraying a vinegar-based or citrus-based solution on the weeds several times to kill the plants.  

How to Get Rid of Winter Weed?

Killing off weeds during winter is a perfect way to guarantee the grass in your lawn will have no competition for resources when it starts to grow again in early spring. 

Weed killers have been used for decades to control weeds and other invasive plants.  They’re preferred to other methods due to their efficiency, easy application, and fast results.

Use Strong Herbicides to Kill off Cool-Season Weed.

There are two types of herbicides you can use to fight winter weeds: 

Selective Herbicides Selective herbicides are designed to target broadleaf weeds and invasive grasses while sparing your desired grass.

Atrazine Ortho Weed B Gon Ferti-lome Weed Free Zone

Examples of selective herbicides are:

Non Selective Herbicides 

Non-selective herbicides kill all plants they come in contact with indiscriminately, including the grass on your lawn.  This product is a common example of a non-selective post-emergent herbicide.  

This weed control method is perfect for areas that experience wet and mild winters, especially the Southern States.  

Apply Winter Weed and Feed to Your Lawn.

Not only does weed and feed help to kill weeds on your lawn, but the products also contain fertilizer which helps to enrich the soil, making it suitable for the grass to thrive during spring.

A thick layer of mulch blocks the sunlight from reaching these plants, which ends up suffocating them. By the time springs arrives, the mulch would have decomposed and trickled down to the soil, and the weeds would have rotted out.  

Control Winter Weeds with Mulch

If you’re conscious about the environment and wish to try an eco-friendly approach, vinegar-based and citrus-based solutions are possibilities. 

Try Using Vinegar

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