How to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Yard

Raccoons are a nuisance. They can cause a lot of damage to your property and are potentially dangerous to you and your family.

For those reasons, and a few more you should do your best to keep raccoons out of your yard.

Remove All Food Source

The best way to get rid of raccoons is to limit the food that is available to them on your property.

Track Their Paths and Secure Entry Point

If you find a clear entry point, be sure to secure the area as best you can to prevent them from using the opening again.

Use Raccoon Repellent

Raccoons hate the smell of apple cider vinegar, Irish Spring Soap, and cayenne pepper.

Use a Motion Activated Sprinkler

No one likes being sprayed by a sprinkler…this even includes raccoons.

Call a Professional

Professional pest control services will be able to assess your property to ensure you have properly protected it against uninvited guests.

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