How to Improve Clay Soil for Lawns

Clay has the potential to be one of the best soil choices for grass growth 

However, it is also a very dense and compacted soil, which results in the possibility that less air, water, and nutrients will flow to the roots.  

It is Possible to Improve Clay Soil for Lawn

There are a few simple steps you can take to improve the existing soil. 

Test Soil Density to Improve Clay Soil

Testing your soil will show you exactly what you need to add in order to improve it for future lawn growth and health.  

Aerate to Break Up the Soil

Aerating compacted clay soil will help the air, water, and other nutrients you tested reach your plant’s roots and foster valuable soil-building microbes.

Top-Dress with Organic Matter

Incorporating organic matter is probably one of the most important steps to improving the condition of your clay soil for your lawn.  

Beware of Thatch

Too much thatch will inhibit your lawn from getting the important nutrients it needs.  

How to Improve Clay Soil Fast

A liquid lawn aerator can be applied to your lawn twice a year which will help to loosen and condition clay soil even faster. 

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