How to Get Rid Of Goat Heads:  A DIY Guide

Goat heads, also known as the Devil’s Weed for a very good reason, are an invasive species of weed that grows on almost every continent.  

What is a Goat Head? Here are some if it’s notable characteristics:  - Grows flat along the ground   – Develops small, five-petaled yellow flower

They can be a menace, and have built a reputation of being stubborn to kill. But with proper knowledge, you can learn how to get rid of goat heads permanently. 

You can get rid of young goat heads by using weed killers and giving them a few days to wither and die. 

How to Get Rid Of Goat Head Weeds in Your Yard

Depending on their size and growth stage, you might want to adapt the following goat head control methods 

Use Effective Weed Killer Sprays for Young Goat Head They’re a perfect chemical control method for dealing with goathead weeds before they start to produce seeds. 

The Burning Method for Mature Goat Head The flames produced by a propane torch burn at 2000F, is more than enough to kill both the plants and the seeds. 

Conclusion You need to attack goat heads with a post-emergent herbicide. Burning them is effective enough to kill the plant and the seeds.   

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