How to Cut Grass Without a Mower: 6 Brilliant Options

No matter what size lawn you have, you know it has to be cut regularly through the growing season. Most of us backyard turf masters use a gas or electric-powered mower.  

But what if you have a small yard or the lawnmower is broken—or you have a lot of time on your hands? 

Before we get started let’s be clear on something. The fastest way to mow your entire lawn, especially if you have a large yard, is to use a lawnmower. 

However, if you have a very small lawn or just a few small areas with grass, going mower-less may be a great and budget-friendly option for you. 

Ways to Cut Grass Without a Lawnmower

String Trimmer  A string trimmer doesn’t take up much storage room, making it a great tool if you don’t have the space to store a mower.  It can knock down weeds in the grass or flower beds.

Scythe For an environmentally friendly mowing option, slinging a scythe is it.  Traditional scythes work best when the grass is slightly wet, like after light rain or early morning dew. 

Hedge Trimmer Hedge trimmers look like an extra-long chainsaw turned on its side.   They’ll work best on taller grass; with shorter grass, you’ll have to bend quite low to the ground.

Garden Shears Garden shears are simply big scissors with overly long cutting blades.   Be sure you get started make sure you grab of pair of gardening gloves and knee pads to make the process as pain free as possible. 

Cordless Grass Trimmer Battery-powered Grass Clippers are what we like to call the “beard trimmers” of the lawn mowing world.  Perfect for trimming in tight spots or small areas, they are a great tool that every homeowner should keep on hand. 

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