How to Cover Up Mud in a Backyard

Dealing with a muddy backyard is the pits! Or should we say the mud pits!

No one should have to look at or walk through a muddy mess everyday, but soggy muddy yards are a common issue for many homeowners and renters.

Before you start covering mud in your backyard, your best choice is to spend some time discovering the root cause of the flooding in this part of your home.

Typically, water tends to collect on the lowest spot of your yard, which in time will turn into puddles, which of course, end up creating mud.

A long-term effective solution will be to level your backyard to allow water to flow freely, which will minimize mud formation. 

Use Creeper Plants to Cover the Mud Creeping plants, most commonly known as “creepers”, are ground-covering plants that grow very fast.

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