Can You Put a Chiminea On a Wood Deck?

Chimineas have recently become popular additions to exterior spaces, with their quaint “potbelly” appearance making them a favorite among homeowners.

Although modern chimineas do have some good safety features, you will need to go above and beyond in your preparations to truly fireproof your wood deck.

Apply a Fire Retardant Deck Treatment

When painting, oiling, or treating your deck before adding a chiminea, it is highly advisable to include a special fire retardant as part of the process.

Add a Fireproof Mat

As we mentioned before, you want to take as many precautions as possible to ensure that an ember is not introduced directly to the wood.

Chimineas are a great way to enhance your wooden patio or deck area. If you decide to place your chiminea on your wooden deck, please take additional safety measures to prevent an accidental fire.

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