Who Makes the Best Gas Powered Leaf Blower: Reviews and Comparisons

Choosing the best gas powered leaf blower is easy once you take into considerations your needs and the pros and cons of each model. Whether you’re transitioning from an electric blower or replacing your previous gas model, this guide will help you make the best choice.

best gas powered leaf blowers

The Best Gas Leaf Blowers: Our Top Picks

Nothing is more enjoyable than hanging out in a freshly cleaned or mowed outdoor space. 

One of the often overlooked and cumbersome aspects of outdoor home maintenance is yard clean-up and the best tool for the job is a leaf blower. 

Whether it’s fall and it’s raining leaves or you just need to do a quick clean-up of your perimeter after a mow, we have listed the perfect gas leaf blowers for your needs.  

In this review we will focus on gas leaf blowers from manageable handheld models, backpack blowers and walk behind blowers for larger areas.

The Best Hand Held Gas Leaf Blowers

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Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower

This Hitachi leaf blower is our best in class handheld blower.  Sometimes a company just nails it and gets it right and that’s exactly what Hitachi did.  Beyond its stellar performance this blower come with and unmatched warranty.


  • Best in class for air volume at 441 CFM
  • Air velocity at 170 mph
  • Lightweight at 8.6 lbs
  • Commercial grade 2 stroke engine
  • Comfortable handle ergonomics
  • Low noise level
  • 7 year warranty


  • None

Redmax Handheld Leaf Blower

If you haven’t heard of Redmax brand of power equipment this may be the product that gets you listening.  Redmax is known in the commercial community as a top rated gas leaf blower.  If you are in need of a handheld blower that is durable and performs great this leaf blower deserves your consideration.


  • Air volume at 425 CFM
  • Air velocity at 170 mph
  • Durable construction
  • Larger fuel tank
  • Quiet operating at 109 db(A)


  • Heavier than comparable handheld models

Makita EB5300TH Backpack Blower

Makita EB5300TH 52.5 cc MM4® 4-Stroke Engine Tube Throttle Backpack Blower
  • Mechanical automatic engine decompression for quick and easy starts

Makita leaf blower with great durability and features that Makita customers are accustomed to.  Our favorite 4 stroke offering provides solid performance while giving you quiet operation.


  • Air velocity at 184 mph
  • Fuel efficient 4 stroke engine (no mixing gas)
  • Easy to start
  • Comfortable soft gripped handle
  • Best in class for quiet operation at 70 db(A)


  • May be underpowered for wet leaves or bigger yards

The Best Backpack Leaf Blowers

RedMax Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower / EBZ7500RH

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We already introduced you to the Redmax handheld and this is its big brother in backpack form.  Redmax continues to be the choice for commercial use and this model is more than capable to tackle anything the homeowner throws at it.


  • Air volume at 770 cfm
  • Air velocity at 236 mph
  • Efficient 2 stroke engine
  • Quiet operation at 77 db(A)
  • Comfortable backpack ergonomics
  • Extremely dependable


  • None

Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower

Husqvarna 350BT Gas Leaf Blower, 50.2-cc 2.1-HP 2-Cycle Backpack Leaf Blower with 692-CFM, 180-MPH, 21-N Powerful Clearing Performance and Ergonomic Harness System
  • Husqvarna 350BT Gas Backpack Leaf Blower combines a high powered gas leaf blower with state-of-the-art ergonomic design, perfect gifts for dad

If you are looking for a backpack blower and are looking for an alternative to the RedMax, then look no further than this dependable homeowner Husqvarna.


  • X-torque engine design reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 60% and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%
  • The offset handle makes the blow forces easier to control.
  • Low vibration
  • Lightweight 9.4 lbs


  • Less air volume compared to some competitors

The Best Gas Blower on Wheels

Troy-Bilt TB672 208cc Jet Sweep Wheeled Leaf Blower

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This Troy-Built wheeled push blower will make quick work for removing leaves and debris from larger lawns and driveways. This model is maneuverable and dependable with enough power and air volume for the toughest of jobs


  • Air volume at 1000 cfm
  • Air velocity at 150 mph
  • Powerful 4 stroke engine
  • Ture 90 degree shoot
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Semi pneumatic wheels can be a little bumpy on uneven terrain

Buyer’s Guide: Things to consider when selecting a gas powered blower

When looking at the different options available when purchasing a new leaf blower buyer’s are often left confused.  Here are a few of the different options to consider as well as some of the keys leaf blower characteristics to consider. 

Before we get down to the performance aspects of leaf blowers you first need to consider what you are going to use it for and the amount of space you will be blowing.  

Small Area

If you have a smaller handheld models are going to be your best bet.  These models are great for general yard and deck clean-up and seasonal leaf blowing.  If you would be continuously blowing for greater than 30 minutes then you may want to consider a backpack blower. 

Large Area

Larger areas and more frequent leaf blowing and clean-up will be best performed with a backpack blower.  Although backpack blowers are larger in size compared to handhelds, prolong use greater than 30min will be less strenuous and more comfortable.  Similar to buying other tools, bigger is often better.


Wheeled blowers are going to be best for large properties, farms and pasture.  Wheeled leaf blowers will provide you the most efficient tool to move large quantities of leaves and debri to a central location.  


Two of the common rating factors that determine how powerful a leaf blower is are CFM’s, or cubic feet per minute, and MPH which measures miles per hour.

CFM “Cubic Feet Per Minute”

CFM will measure how much cubic feet per minute in air the blower can move.  In short the greater CFM the more debri you can move in a shorter period of time.

MPH “Miles Per Hour”

Most people are familiar with this measurement.  This will measure the speed at which air will leave the nozzle of the blower.  This will ultimately determine the force and strength of the blower.

After looking at these two features that will contribute to the amount of debri you can effectively move it is best to determine what you will be blowing.  If you are only moving grass clippings and fallen leaves from a few trees you will not need a high MPH but value in a higher CFM will make short work in most areas.  If you are blowing a large amount of leaves, small twigs and rocks make sure the MPH is high as well as the CFM.


Most gas operated leaf blowers are going to be a 2 stroke, gas and oil mixed engine.  These engines provide good torque and are low maintenance if fresh fuel is used. 

Traditionally 2 stroke engines have been pingy and loud but newer offerings have been muffled and are less obnoxious than their predecessors.  These 2 stroke engines will provide the user with the most torque and power.

There are some new 4 stroke engines on the marker for leaf blowers.  The benefit of these engines is that you do not need to mix oil with the gas and they are generally more fuel efficient. 

On the other hand, 4 stroke engines are a little heavier and do not produce the same amount of torque and power compared to a similar 2 stroke engine.  These 4 stroke engines will need to have their oil changed at least once a season depending on use.  

With all small engines it is best to use fresh full as well as drain any fuel if it will be stored for a prolonged period of time.  A fuel stabilizer is also recommended for tool storage.

Gas Leaf Blower Maintenance & Storage Tips

Now that you have a clear idea of the factors and considerations that go into shopping for a blower, we’re sure you’ll be able to choose the best one to meet your needs and expecations.

Happy Blowing!

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