When Does Grass Stop Growing?

It happens every year: one day you notice you no longer need to bust out the mower to give it a trim.

Grass stops growing for a variety of reasons, such as lack of light, heat, water, proper nutrients in the soil, and extreme soil temperatures. 

To the casual observer, it might seem as if the ground freezes over, killing the grass, and when it warms up again, the sun and rain cause new grass to grow.

Soil temperature is more important because if the soil gets too cold, the ground will freeze, creating a barrier against natural water irrigation….which as you probably guessed is not good.

What Temperature Does Grass Go Dormant? As a general rule, grass will stop growing when the soil temps fall below 55 degrees or rise above 90.

When a plant, in this case grass, lacks water, it is the same as when humans lack food. No energy for growth is produced.

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