Lawn Mowing Etiquette: How to Be a Good Neighbor

A bit of courtesy goes a long way to establish positive rapport with others on your street. One area where etiquette is especially important is when it comes to lawn care. 

It is very important to consider those who live nearby before you fire up the mower and start hacking away at the grass. 

By starting after 8 am, you can assume that most people are awake by then and should not be too upset by someone’s lawnmower rumbling away. 

By delaying your lawn mowing until that time, you will not have to worry about any of your neighbors beginning their days annoyed with you for waking them at the crack of dawn, or reporting you to the H.O.A

If you intend to get after your grass in the early morning before the sun gets too high, you can look into the options below. 

This is a great compromise to ensure that you are working and making progress, while you avoid ticking off your neighbors. 

– Use a noiseless push mower, if you have a small lot. – Trim bushes and brush with hedging shears. – Use a trowel or weeding tool for landscape maintenance.

Don’t Blow Your Grass Trimmings into the Road.

The road is no place for your lawn clippings. Not only can grass end up clogging drains, which won’t make your neighbors happy, they can also create dangerous conditions on the roads.

Here are a few ways to recycle and dispose of grass trimmings: – Use a compost shredder to break them down and use for gardening – Dry the clippings and use them as fire starter for the fire pit – Bag them up and put them out for yard waster day.

The benefits of keeping your blower facing toward the center of your yard include: – You can neatly pile your grass trimming – It is less work to clean up. – It keeps everyone’s fences clean.  – There is less weed growth on fence.

Cut Your Grass with the Blower Facing Your Yard.

If they do, it’s the courteous thing to do to avoid mowing when they are in immediate area. You may even want to consider sending them a text to let them know you are going to get started so they can head inside and close any open windows. 

Keep Allergies in Mind.

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