Lawn Mowing Etiquette: How to Be a Good Neighbor

Mowing the lawn can be a loud and messy. It is very important to consider those who live nearby before you fire up the mower and start hacking away at the grass. 

Today we are sharing are favorite lawn mowing etiquette tips to ensure you are a being good neighbor when it comes to caring for your lawn and landscape. 

Timing is Everything

Nothing is worse than being jolted awake from a deep morning of sleeping in on the weekend by a noisy lawnmower. So generally speaking, anytime between 8-10 a.m. is a widely acceptable time to start any noisy work 

If You Need to Start Earlier

If you intend to get after your grass in the early morning, you can look into the options below: – Use a noiseless push mower. – Trim bushes and brush with hedging shears – Use a trowel or weeding tool for landscape maintenance  

Don’t Blow Your Grass Trimmings into the Road

The road is no place for your lawn clippings.  Grass can end up clogging drains, which won’t make your neighbors happy.

Cut Your Grass with the Blower Facing Your Yard

The best way to keep grass trimmings from flying into a neighbor’s yard is to ensure that your lawn mower’s blower is always facing toward the center of your yard. 

Keep Allergies in Mind

Some of your neighbors may suffer from seasonal allergies. The courteous thing to do is to avoid mowing when they are in immediate area. 


Keep the comfort of those who live close to you in the back of your mind when you’re planning yard work.  Doing so will go a long way in creating a peaceful community. 

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