How to Kill Weeds in Winter | Tips to Control Winter Weeds

The winter months provide an excellent opportunity to get rid of weeds. Today we’ll cover how to kill weeds in winter so that your lawn will look great just in time for spring. 

But don’t get started spraying just yet. You need to know the ingredients in the herbicides that might harm your grass, how often to spray vinegar-based solution, and what to mix with vinegar for optimal effects, which we will cover today.

Use Strong Herbicides to Kill off Cool-Season Weed They’re preferred to other methods due to their efficiency, easy application, and fast results. 

How to Get Rid of Winter Weed

Selective Herbicides  Selective herbicides are designed to target broadleaf weeds and invasive grasses while sparing your desired grass. They are great for using in your lawn because they won’t kill your grass. 

Non-Selective Herbicides  Non-selective herbicides kill all plants they come in contact with indiscriminately, including the grass on your lawn. Make sure the grass on your lawn has completely turned brown before spraying non-selective herbicides. 

Apply Winter Weed and Feed to Your Lawn Not only does weed and feed help to kill weeds on your lawn, but the products also contain fertilizer which helps to enrich the soil, making it suitable for the grass to thrive during spring. 

Control Winter Weeds with Mulch A thick layer of mulch blocks the sunlight from reaching these plants, which ends up suffocating them. By the time springs arrives, the mulch would have decomposed and trickled down to the soil.

Conclusion Winter is a great time of year to get rid of the weeds in your lawn, as you can easily spot them. Using herbicides, both selective and non-selective, will get the job done.

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