How to Keep Birds From Eating Grass Seed: 15 Tips to Save Your Seed

Nothing is more frustrating than watching your newly seeded lawn become the feeding grounds for the local bird population. 

Grass seed is a natural food for birds, as it is nutritious and generally easy for them to see and find.  

Today we are sharing the best tips and products to prevent birds from eating your grass seed. 

Before we get started, you should know that one of the most important elements of seeding is good seed  to soil contact.  

Tips to Keep Birds from Eating Your Grass Seed

1) Cover your seed with a light layer of soil. 

2) Plant seed after aeration.  

3) Try covering your grass seed with peat moss. 

4) Consider hydroseeding.  

5.)  Cover your seed with a light layer of straw

6) Install a motion activated sprinkler. 

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