How to Get Rid of a Skunk Under Your Porch

Skunks are a common problem for homeowners since skunks see the space underneath decks, porches and houses as a safe place to make their den. 

If a skunk has made its new home under your porch, you’ve got a tenant that you need to evict asap.   

You have several options for getting rid of the wild skunks under your porch. There are several effective methods for you to encourage the skunk inhabitants to leave and find shelter elsewhere.  

Find What Attracted Skunks to Your Property

The first thing you need to do is figure out what has attracted them there in the first place.  

An adult female skunk will look for the following attributes:

– Quiet – Dark – Safe from predators

The easiest way to prevent skunks from seeking solace under your home is to make the area unappealing. 

Remove All Food Sources

Once the adult skunks realize that food is not easy to find near your property, they will be forced to move on in search of a more habitable place to live. 

Outdoor Pet Food and Bird Feeder

If you have any pet food for your cats and dogs outside, be sure to keep their food bowls out of reach from other animals.  

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