How to Dry Up a Wet Yard: Fix Your Soggy Lawn

Other than the grass getting damaged from sitting under the water for long, stagnant water is a haven for breeding mosquitoes and bringing other critters into your yard.  

Best Ways to Dry Up a Wet Yard:

1. Fill the Low Spots.

It can be hard to notice low spots in your yard until water starts to collect there. However, once there is standing water in your lawn it’s easy to identify the wet spots and start to fill them in.

1. A mixture of dry topsoil and sand: The grass will slowly begin to grow through as the soil and sand provide a new substrate that fills in the hole.   

There are two methods you can use to fill low spots in your yard:

2. Use Compost: Besides enriching the soil, compost helps to aerate the soil and create spaces between soil particles as it decomposes.

2. Construct a Creek Bed.

When constructed correctly, a dry creek bed helps channel water away from low spots into a rain garden or a dry well, where the water percolates into the soil. 

It might be a bit more work, but trench drains are very effective drainage systems that offer a long-term solution to soggy yards.  

3. Dig a Trench Drain

How to Fix A Wet Yard Fast?

1. Pump the Water from Your Yard.

Electric pumps are the best solution if you’re in a hurry to dry up and use your yard. However, you need to observe caution and ensure the pump cables don’t come in contact with water to avoid electrocution and property damage.

2. Repair Your Current Drainage System.

One of the fastest ways to fix a mushy yard is to correct any problems that may be occurring with the drainage system you already have. A visual inspection should be your first step in the process.

A dry well consists of a perforated plastic barrel that is buried at least 4 feet underground.  A dry well is a permanent solution to drying your lawn fast, and the size of your lawn will determine how many of these wells you’ll need. 

3. Install a Dry Well to Collect the Water.

-High Content of Clay in your Soil. Clay is problematic since it’s compact and has poor drainage.  -Poor Drainage. As a homeowner, you must make sure your home has a proper drainage system. 

What Causes Water to Flood Your Yard?

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