How to Cut Grass Without a Mower: 6 Brilliant Options

No matter what size lawn you have, you know it has to be cut regularly through the growing season. 

We’ve compiled a few clever options for those of you who want to give mower-less grass cutting a try and still maintain a healthy and attractive lawn.

String Trimmer

Unlike a lawnmower, a string trimmer doesn’t take up much storage room, making it a great tool if you don’t have the space to store a mower.


A scythe is a tool with a sharp, double-sided blade, usually curved, that you swing back and forth as you walk through the grass.

Hedge Trimmer

Hedge trimmers make a pretty good alternative to a lawnmower but will take some practice to perfect just the right motion for an even cut.

Garden Shears

The best way to use shears gets you up close and personal with your lawn.

Cordless Grass Trimmer

Battery-powered Grass Clippers are what we like to call the “beard trimmers” of the lawn mowing world.

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