How to Cut Grass Without a Mower: 6 Brilliant Option

No matter what size lawn you have, you know it has to be cut regularly through the growing season. Most of us backyard turf masters use a gas or electric-powered mower.  

However, if you have a very small lawn or just a few small areas with grass, going mower-less may be a great and budget-friendly option for you. 

Ways to Cut Grass Without a Lawnmower

Over the years we have talked to a number of homeowners who don’t need or use a mower. 

A string trimmer doesn’t take up much storage room, making it a great tool if you don’t have the space to store a mower. 

String Trimmer


Basically, a scythe is a tool with a sharp, double-sided blade, usually curved, that you swing back and forth as you walk through the grass. 

Hedge trimmers make a pretty good alternative to a lawnmower but will take some practice to perfect just the right motion for an even cut. 

Hedge Trimmer

Garden Shear

The best way to use shears gets you up close and personal with your lawn. You’ll need to get down on all fours, (or sit on a garden cart) hold the blades parallel to the lawn, and cut carefully but firmly to get a nice, even cut.  

Perfect for trimming in tight spots or small areas, they are a great tool that every homeowner should keep on hand. 

Cordless Grass Trimmer

For an alternate method to using human-powered garden shears, try a set of wrist-friendly cordless grass clippers. 

Grazing goats, sheep, or cows in the front yard of a suburban home will definitely raise some eyebrows with the HOA, but there is some merit to using grass-chewing animals to keep your grass cut. 

Farm Animal

If your lawn is overgrown, the last thing you should do is chop it down all at once. For the health of your lawn it’s important that you never trim more than 1/3 of the blade height off at a time. 

How do you cut tall grass without a mower?

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