How Often Should You Aerate Your Lawn?  (The Surprising Answer)

Every homeowner wants a beautiful, attractive lawn. Not only will a lawn full of lush green grass be the envy of your neighbors, but it will also make you and your family feel proud of your well-kept yard. 

Aerating is the process of poking holes in the lawn, so it gets the water, nutrients, and air it needs. If your lawn is not lush and thick, it may be because of compacted soil or thatch. Aeration could be the perfect fix.  

You water your lawn when it is hot and fertilize your grass to keep it fed—but aerating? 

Unlike other chores needed to maintain a lawn, aerating is not as time-consuming. You only have to do it once a year!

Your lawn may look unhealthy because, just like human beings, it is not getting the water, nutrients, and air it needs to stay well. There are two main reasons this may occur: 

1. Compacted soil is when soil particles are super close together, so there is no space between them and creates a very dense dirt. 

2. Thatch is a decomposing organic barrier of stems, grass clippings, roots, and shoots that form on your lawn’s surface.

How Aeration Benefits Your Lawn?

Aeration is simply the process of piercing holes into the lawn to help water saturate beneath the soil, help nutrients reach the roots, and help it breathe much-needed air. 

When You Aerate Depends on Your Type of Grass?

It may sound too simple, but cool-season grasses grow better in cooler temperatures, and warm-season grasses grow better in warmer temperatures.

Types of cool-season grasses include:  – Perennial ryegrass – Creeping bentgrass – Creeping red fescue – Tall fescue – Fine fescue – Kentucky bluegrass

Types of warm-season grass include: – Bermuda grass – Bahiagrass – Saint Augustine – Zoysia – Centipede grass – Buffalo grass – Carpet grass

Most homeowners will hire a professional landscaper to aerate their lawn, and that would be our first recommendation for anyone who isn’t into DIY lawn care. 

How to Puncture Your Lawn to Aerate It?

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