Can I Mow Wet Grass? 6 Reasons Why It’s a Bad Idea

If your grass is getting long or you have people coming over you might be wondering, “Can I mow wet grass?”

Before you power up your mower and get to work, you should know how this decision will affect your beloved lawn.

You Run a Risk of Damaging your Lawn The soil in your lawn gets soft and weak after a few rainy days, which offers very little support to your grass.

The Fungal Infection Problem Freshly-cut wet grass is susceptible to fungal infection. The infection will appear as brown stains spreading across the lawn.

It Would Result In an Unevenly-Cut Lawn Wet grass is sticky, especially when it’s freshly cut, and will band together to form clumps.

You Run a Risk of Damaging the Mower Wet grass will mostly just clog the motor, which forces the engine to work twice as hard to get the job done.

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