12 Winter Lawn Care Tips to Protect Your Yard

During the winter months, it’s more important than ever for homeowners to protect their lawns from weather damage which can diminish its appearance and health for the following growing season. 

Our Top Winter Lawn Care Tips.

You will need to customize your winter lawn care plan for your region and the type of grass you have. However there are some general tips that will help your lawn recover quickly from the harsh winter weather no matter where you live.

1) Leave Some Length

Don’t cut your winter lawn too short. If the grass is shorter than normal it won’t be able to trap snow and can get damaged easier from equipment like shovels or salt for ice removal.

Begin winter lawn care by aerating your grass to allow water and fertilizer to reach the roots more easily.

2) Aerate

3) Fertilize

Fertilizing your winter lawn during the long, dark days will give it a boost of nutrients that will show results by the time winter is over. It’s also an easy process that doesn’t take too much work!

Mowing wet grass is a big winter lawn killer, so make sure it’s dry before you mow it again. If you have to mow damp grass, wait until later in the day when temperatures are warmer. 

4) Don’t Mow When It’s Wet

5) Topdress Your Lawn

Some homeowners give their lawns a topdressing of sand or compost to help improve drainage from rain and snowmelt.

If you live in a region with temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, keep your mower covered up when it’s not being used. 

6) Protect Your Mower

Salt can kill your grass and it’s best not used at all during winter unless you’re trying to remove ice from walkways or driveways that lead into your home.

7) Don’t Scatter Salt on Your Lawn

Cover your winter plants with mulch, pine needles or even a tarp to keep them safe during the winter. 

8) Protect Your Plant

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